Video Clips – (IWB)

Videos are another great way of enhancing students knowledge and understanding. Children today are used to televisions and therefore enjoy watching videos because it is something they are familiar with and have experienced before.

Videos can be of special importance and help to visual and auditory learners. Auditory learners learn through hearing information e.g. through audio tapes, songs, discussions, group work etc. Visual learners learn similarly through watching videos, images, diagrams etc…

Visual and Auditory learners would both benefit from the use of educational videos in the classroom because it holds elements conducive to their learning. Visual learners can watch and see the information brought to life and auditory learners can listen to the explanation and information given in the video.

Here is an example of an educational video on Interactive Whiteboards taken from…

Videos can be used to communicate an important piece of information to the students in the most simple way possible also allowing for them to remember it more clearly because it provides both images and sound. It is a good tool to used in many ways for example, basing an activity or questions around the information provided by the video. This would be a good way to get the students thinking and applying the knowledge they have just received.

Videos in particular. can be a great way in encouraging the development of the students creativity. It shows the students the different ways in which to learn things and present knowledge rather than the traditional way of reciting or writing it. It shows the students new ways to do things, sparking their interest and developing their creative abilities in certain areas.

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