ICT Current Trends- (IWB)

Descriptive Reflection:
Over the years as technology has developed at such a rapid speed, there are now new ways available for teachers to teach their students. ICT is “the generation and application of knowledge and processes to develop devices, methods and systems [for teaching and learning]” (National Teachers Standards).

The use of ICT within classrooms has been heavily debated in recent years. As explained in (Kent, 2008) the arguments for the use of ICT in classrooms is that it provides students with more opportunities to connect with the subject matter and do so in a way that they enjoy. However, arguments against ICT technology, in particular IWB, is that it takes the focus away from teaching and learning as two joint concepts by focussing on technology and therefore resulting in the concept of teaching no longer existing.

Despite the on-going debate, this technology (IWB) has been introduced and used in classrooms creating a different learning experience for the students and challenging the teachers knowledge and ability to teach using different technologies and methods.

Critical Reflection:
In my own personal opinion, the use of IWB and other technology should be used for teaching and learning within classrooms. The technology was made and provided for the purpose of helping students learn and further their knowledge of certain topics. To use it would be a waste and foolish decision.

The jobs of teachers in schools are to teach the students by catering to their learning styles and provide opportunities/experiences for them that are both memorable and productive. Teachers should therefore make use of this resource because it can cater to all three of the main learning styles (visual, auditory and kinaesthetic) and increase participation within the classroom because students will no doubt be interested in using the technology.
Teachers need to put aside their hesitation to learn about and teach using IWB because it will ultimately be a huge benefit to the students and their education with is/should be the teacher’s goal in the first place.

I believe that the hesitation is due to the fact that teacher feel they are no longer needed as much as previously because ICT has made learning an independent and interactive activity with less need for direction and guidance from a teacher. It can also be due to the fact that some teachers will need to learn how to use the technology to teach using it, which can be a daunting task especially for those that are Digital Immigrants. (See Digital Natives vs. Digital Immigrants Blog Entry).

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