ICT as a Cognitive Tool- Webquests

Descriptive Reflection:
Webquests can be defined as a research activity made for students that require them to use the internet to find relevant information relating to the selected topic. The students utilise numerous resources to answer the questions provided to scaffold their learning, increasing in difficulty and aiming at higher-order thinking.

Webquests, if made correctly by teachers, can be a very useful and educational research activity for students. It allows them to use different resources and use their existing knowledge to:

  • Identify and decipher useful information from irrelevant information
  • Develop an understanding of research behaviours and techniques that will help them in future online researching
  • Develop their higher-order thinking
  • Become confident and competent in using ICT etc…

Critical Reflection:
I believe Webquests are very useful and valuable activity/tool for teachers to utilise. It allows students to manipulate technology, potentially catering to their different learning styles.

An important aspect to remember is student’s motivation and participation within the lesson. With the use of Webquests students will be motivated and interested in the lesson therefore increasing their ability to learning and take information away from the lesson. They will be excited to work in groups and explore the online resources themselves.

Webquests provides students with numerous and extensive opportunities to learn and discover in a safe way with the guidance of the teacher and subject.

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