Pedagogical Beliefs and ICT Integration

Descriptive Reflection:
“Technology is now considered by most educators and parents to be an integral part of providing a high-quality  education” (U.S. DOE, 2003, p. 3) in (Ertmer, 2005).

The integration of ICT, as discussed in (Ertmer, 2005), has been increasing in recent years and statistics show that most teachers in classrooms have access to computers and other technologies to use while teaching. One of the main aims of encouraging the use of ICT in classrooms is to bring about the constructivist approach that allows for students to experience the content and build their own knowledge based on previous understandings.

Pedagogical beliefs refer to a teacher’s understanding and beliefs about what the best and most effective way of teaching is. In relation to ICT, (Ertmer, 2005) shows that most teachers feel moderately confident when using these technologies and attempt to include them in the lesson plans. This shows how teachers are trying to adapt their teaching methods to better suit their students.

Furthermore, some teachers however do not feel this way and some see that it is important to address these beliefs about teaching through the use of ICT and changing the way in which teachers see and do things. These beliefs could be as a result of being unsure in how to best integrate the use of this technology in a lesson, change their routines and teaching styles/habits.

Critical Reflection:
I believe that the integration of ICT in schools and classrooms, beginning now to the near future is inevitable. Technology is changing/developing and advancing at such a rapid rate that it is only a matter of time before there is extensive integration of ICT resources in schools and classrooms. These resources have been proven to have a significant impact on student’s academic achievement and development of skills that can otherwise not be explicitly taught by a teacher. When technology advanced even further than its current level, it will basically be a guarantee that classrooms have certain types of ICT resources available.

Pedagogical beliefs in relation to the integration of ICT resources in schools are constantly changing. Most teachers believe this to be a useful resource to help with student’s academic achievement and participation in class however some resist the change for fear of taking a risk that may be irreversible in relation to their teaching style and habits.

If all teachers were to believe and attempt to demonstrate a constructivist approach to teaching and be competent enough to use various ICT resources in their classroom, this will have a significant impact on the academic achievement of the students and their participation in class. However, the varying opinions on the subject creates a complicated environment and process of finding a solution that will be successful and ultimately benefit both the students and teachers.

Kent, P. (2008). Interactive whiteboards: A practical guide for primary teachers. Melbourne: Macmillan Teacher Resources.

Ertmer, P. A. (2005). Teacher pedagogical beliefs: The final frontier in our quest for         technology integration? Educational Technology Research & Development, 53(4), 25-39.

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