Sound Files

Sound Files (also known as audio files) are a great method of communicating information to students in the classroom. Auditory Learners in particular will benefit from the use of audio files because they learn best when the hear the information through audio, songs, discussions, group work etc…

Audio files could be used as a basis for an activity or the teacher can form questions for the students to answer based on the information to audio file provided. This will encourage their thinking skills, aim at high-order thinking and deciphering useful or relevant information.

This is an audio file that highlights the benefits of using an interactive SmartBoard in the classroom and outlines some of its features…

SmartBoard: Why they are so easy to use?

Instructional and informative sound files are a great way of teaching students by getting them to listen. It can encourage their creativity by them carrying out the activity explained in the sound file and seeing their interpretation and how they pictured the work and finished product to be. This will also better help the teacher understand the students abilities and how best to help them learn.

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